When you’re Drake, $1.1 million might seem like chump change. To the regular person, betting a million dollars on a football game might seem like a huge risk… one that many may not be able even to partake in. 

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Luckily for Drizzy, the Kansas City Chiefs came out on top in the AFC title game versus the Cincinnati Bengals. Last night, the Chiefs and Bengals were tied 20 to 20 as the clock was dwindling in the fourth quarter – when Joseph Ossain of the Bengals was hit with a penalty that resulted in a field goal win for the Chiefs.

But most importantly, the win broke the “Drake curse,” who, in past instances, seemingly always bets on the team who ends up losing. Some teams even say they’re more prone to lose when he bets on them.


The evening before the big game, the Toronto superstar posted a screenshot to the Instagram story of his high-stake bet on the Chiefs to take the trophy home over the Bengals. He writes, “Big Sunday let’s buy mama something nice.” The wager? $1.1 million.

It looks like Drake’s mama, Sandi Graham, is all smiles, with Drake receiving an end payout of over $2.27 million. Of course, Drake is best known for his undeniable hit records and Platinum-selling projects. But this win proves he might also have a chance at sports betting.

Some past bets he’s failed on include the Duke Blue Devils winning over North Carolina Tar Heels in the Final Four, FC Barcelona over Real Madrid, Israel Adesanya over Alex Pereira in the UFC middleweight title fight, and even the World Cup, where he met $1 million on Argentina. While they ended up winning, Drake sadly lost all his cash in two minutes since his bet was in the 1×2 market, which doesn’t cover the extra time.

On a positive note, Drake did take home $1.4 million after betting the Rams would win in the Super Bowl versus the Bengals last February.

We’ll be on standby to see if he places his money on this year’s Super Bowl!