Dreamville is introducing a number of new apparel pieces today as part of the brand’s 2023 collection, with each new item on sale beginning tomorrow, Friday, January 27 at 3:00 p.m. ET via Dreamville.com.

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The new garment slate features a number of new unisex silhouettes in the Premium classics collection including the team’s first-ever puffer jacket, which also highlights the debut of the team’s custom Dreamville-branded zipper. This custom-designed cloud-printed jacket features the iconic Dreamville logo spelled out in bright yellow letters set atop a black zippered backdrop, a new manufacturing process that took years in the making to develop.


The rest of the new clothing collection will include cloud-printed basketball shorts, matching grey hoodie and sweatpants sets, and the classic Dreamville logo-printed black pants, t-shirts, and shorts; as well as the debut of Dreamville’s first-ever tear-away logo-printed pants and quilted coaches jackets. Limited quantities of each item are available so fans are encouraged to act fast and purchase today.

Dreamville’s apparel division within the larger Dreamville Ventures umbrella company continues to be led by longtime partner and Apparel President Adam Roy. Roy is not only responsible for spearheading efforts to successfully revitalize the brand’s flagship music festival in North Carolina, but he has also expanded the team’s cut-and-sew line by collaborating with major retail brands and increasing exposure worldwide. 

Design for the new apparel line was led by Raeana Anaïs, Director of Design for Dreamville, who has created memorable apparel items and performance outfits for many of Dreamville’s music artists for years including Grammy Award-winning Dreamville cofounder J. Cole, while continuing to design the seasonal collection for the core brand. 

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“Our team began developing this new Dreamville-branded zipper five years ago, and we have been eager to share the design ever since. Our new Premium Classic Puffer serves as the perfect opportunity to finally bring this exciting innovation to our fans, especially since outerwear has become such an important wardrobe staple and expression of personal style,” said Dreamville’s Director of Design Raeana Anaïs. “As Dreamville continues to elevate our apparel collection, we are excited to explore new silhouettes with unique and subtle branded details. As iconic as Dreamville has become in today’s society, our new goal is to explore messaging the brand beyond the classic logo.”

Expect more seasonal pieces from the Dreamville team to roll out in the coming months, although fans should visit Dreamville.com and follow along on social media at @Dreamville to stay in the know for future apparel releases.