Grammy-winning Hip-Hop legend Diamond D‘s sixth studio album The Rear View serves as an ode to his own legacy and resilience. The official music video for the album’s opener “Life Is What You Make It” is a reflection of the rapper/producer’s ability to enjoy the fruit of his labor over the course of an influential and storied career. Shot over the course of 72 hours between Atlanta, Portugal, and Dubai, the RemoFilm-directed video plays out over scenes of Diamond D’s travels, and just released via YouTube.  

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“‘Life is what you make it’ symbolizes living the best life you can live knowing that you control your own destiny. The more you grind, the more you’ll be able to do the things you enjoy and travel to the places you want to see so I wrote a song that celebrates that. Tomorrow is never promised, we have a choice…you can sit around and be content with what you have or strive for more for the betterment of yourself and your family.. Either way, life is what you make it.” – Diamond D