Josh Remi is back with another project. A few months after “C8,” which has become a trending sound across social media, the fast-rising singer has announced the release of his first studio album, The Interval.

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The album, available on YouTube and other platforms, explores pop and R&B mixed with rock, country, and more. As a multi-genre recording artist, Josh Remi has used the album to show his musical diversity.

Joshua Edmund Driscoll, known by his artistic name Joshua Remi, doesn’t confine his music to one style or genre. He mixes the different styles to create unique and timeless tracks, as seen in all his other projects and now” The Interval.” Josh has fused different sounds and styles, which makes the album relatable to lovers of different genres and has also helped Josh Remi bring out the message.


According to Josh Remi, with “The Interval,” he wanted something that all his fans would relate to and still have a touch of self-love. Josh Remi’s music mainly explores love, hope, and healing themes. He describes his journey and ‘The Interval’ as a “Rebirth and sense of who I am finding one’s self, pulling back the curtain, for the future of one’s sanity,” which he wanted to show the listener.

Josh Remi has been through the worst and best times in his personal life and music. He has lost things he held dear to his heart and was told by many that he won’t make it. He uses his music to encourage others not to give up on their dreams, showing nonbelievers that nothing is impossible. 

The music industry is one of the most competitive fields, and as an upcoming artist, breaking into the scene is almost impossible. There are many obstacles along the way, but Josh Remi hasn’t let any of this hold him back. Through talent, determination, and hard work, Josh has cemented his spot in the industry, gaining much attention.

Josh Remi’s most recent release, “C8,” has received massive praise from Corvette lovers in and out of the country. C8 is an ode to Corvette and all things fast and furious. As a lover of supercars himself, Josh has used this to share how he feels about supercars. The hip and upbeat vibe of the track and soul-stirring lyrics make the song great, with industry bigwigs recognizing Josh Remi and his music.

Since his debut, Josh Remi has performed at several shows. He has opened for notable artists, including Machine Gun Kelly, Pleasure P, T-Pain, and many more. He says one of his goals is to continue creating timeless and impactful music to which the audience can relate. Josh Remi is also looking forward to more shows. 

The Interval is out and available on YouTube and all other streaming platforms. The album is written and performed by Josh Remi and produced by Chef Tilt Records. C8 is also available on all streaming platforms.

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