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Kodak Black makes sure he does a good deed every now and then.  This past weekend, he surprised residents of West Palm Seashore Households by paying their rent in full for the rest of the year.  The Back for Everything rapper teamed up with the Zachariah McQueen Foundation to make the donation to 28 families.  Kodak felt the need to give back to his community because an increase of $1,000 in rent without any prior notice is unfair.

In a statement, he expressed his thoughts about what the residents are going through.


”When people get up and go to work daily, they should be able to come home and relax without worrying if they would have a roof over their head the next month.  But unfortunately,  we live in a society where people can barely get a raise at work, but can be told that their rent has increased by over $1,000 without any real warning.  That’s just not right.”

– Kodak Black

The 25-year-old has been known to give back to his community as he was honored by the Mayor of Broward County last year.  In 2021, he purchased over 50 air conditioners for families in the housing projects in Broward County.  Last year, he donated 500 turkeys.

It’s no secret the Florida rapper wants to do right by the people.  It showed when he showed up late to his show in Detroit this past weekend.  A video surfaced online showing Kodak pleading with arena officials to let him perform even though he was late.  He even told them he would pay to perform.  The “Walk” rapper didn’t want to disappoint the fans.

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