Rapper Big Latto has been sharing lots of info on her private life lately. The “Big Energy” rapper told Hot 107.9 that her man pays all of her bills ‘like a man is supposed to’. Latto says her man takes care of all her bills so she doesn’t have to pay a dime for anything.

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“I got the ‘Vette, I got the Lambs, I got the Birkins,” Latto bragged. “I don’t pay no bills. If he comin’ like that, then, yeah.”

She reiterated: “I don’t pay no bills! That’s how it’s supposed to be.”


She seemed to get annoyed when social media users said she was getting the “bare minimum” from an unavailable man.

“What’s bare minimum?” she replied.

“The Lamborghini he bought? The pink corvette? The pink Richard Mill? 1 of my 20 birkins? Aint nun bare minimum bout my love life babe. Not to mention I GET THE D**K TO MYSELF [sic].”

While Latto has not announced who her secret man is, many have speculated her man is rapper 21 Savage.Do you think a man should pay for everything if both are making money?

Watch the video below.