Summer Walker says she’s happy being a single mother regardless of what “miserable” internet trolls may say about it.

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The mother of three put a social media user in their place after they commented underneath a photo of Walker pushing her three little ones in a stroller.

“She enjoys being a single mother a little two much for me,” the commenter wrote before adding a side eye emoji.


In her response, Walker called out the hater and emphasized how much she loves being a mom.

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“Being mad someone happy as hell enjoying being a mom is a different level of miserable. These kids funny as hell, and ima have some mo,” the singer clapped back.

Other Instagram users defended Walker underneath The Jasmine Brand‘s repost of the singer’s online exchange.

“So because she’s a single mother, she’s not supposed to be happy? Society is a WILD PLACE! MAMA IS LIVING FABULOUS! She is living her best single life!!!!” one user wrote.

“Marriage ain’t for everyone, it doesn’t guarantee financial, mental, emotional and spiritual stability… This new age dating ain’t it!! Leave her alone she ain’t asking nobody for help!!” another added.

Others who chimed in said Walker should continue doing whatever makes her the happiest because that positivity will help her be the best mom to her kids. No woman should be shamed for enjoying motherhood, regardless of their romantic status. 

Was the commenter wrong to mention Summer’s marital status?

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