Rappers Joe Budden & N.O.R.E recently took shots at rappers who failed at their podcasting shows. During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, host Joe Budden and his guest star N.O.R.E had an interesting conversation about rappers who have failed at being podcast hosts. While the men did not name who they were referring to, they did not hold back on their opinions.

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Nore shared, “You know what’s crazy, I’m looking at these rappers trying shows now–rappers from our era and they are so failing… They’re doing sports shows, doing comedy shows. “

Joe added, They are selling a** out here, they are selling their a**.”


Nore continued, “They get a computer, they get two cameras, and then they come out for three weeks. When their six episodes don’t work they start to rethink it..They come out with another show, and then that’s trash. And then they start cooking. Y’all looking horrible out here. I feel sorry for some of y’all. “

Fans responded with mixed reviews, read responses below.


Watch the clip below.