Capturing the hottest moments in Hip-Hop is brought to you by Apex of Apex Visions from Canarsie, New York! Highlighting outstanding talent in photography and film photography—this Canarsie Creative behind the camera is someone you should keep an eye on! She is well-known for her raved photos of Pop Smoke, Dave East, and Cardi B, among many other celebrities. Her stunning shots of legendary rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Robel also went viral. Remember when Bobby Shmurda was granted conditional release and returned home? Apex captured it all in real time after he served six years of a seven-year bid! Apex continues to advance the culture with her captivating candids on camera. 

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Apex is everywhere the stars are. She personifies the value of photographers in the music industry. Tapped into the trendiest talent, she captured Pop Smoke several times before his passing. Building a bond with the breakout star and having such a unique creative eye, she designed the album cover for his debut, Meet The Woo! When she is not photographing artists on tour, she is capturing legendary moments. Apex has an uncanny ability to gain the trust of the musicians and celebrities she photographs. Her demeanor is modest, but she is motivated by her methods and, most importantly, Hip-Hop.
These are just a few of the reasons that everyone, from Fabolous and G Herbo to Coi Leray, Ice Spice, and Meek Mill and more, trust her vision. In fact, she is so approachable and trusted to work with when it comes to creative collaboration. Her shots are beyond epic as she always captures the candid attitudes of her subjects, so the talent is transparent. Apex has done an excellent job of conveying the bravado, fierceness, and even vulnerability that the subjects portray in front of the camera, which is obviously important to their brand.

Overall, apex continues to carve out her own paved path with photography as she maintains complete control of her craft and vision. Her work, however, goes beyond simply capturing the people in her frame. Her distinct style emerged, garnering national and even international acclaim. Her work is a reflection of the city, of the culture that gave birth to a musical community unlike any other. She is striving as Hip-Hop’s hottest and most trusted photographer in the game and Hip-hop heads are extremely grateful for photographers such as her. Apex gives us a golden glimpse into the hottest points in Hip-Hop history through her lenses. So the next time you see a picture of your favorite rapper trailblazing through the internet or trending on Instagram, best believe, Apex was the vision behind it.


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