Black Colorado farmers Courtney and Nicole Mallery were arrested after making complaints about harassment on he and his wife’s farm. A case involving racial tensions between a Black family and their predominantly white neighbors has escalated to multiple restraining orders and now felony arrests.

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Courtney and Nicole relocated to Colorado after a hurricane displaced them. Part of the mission of his farm, Freedom Acres Ranch, is the education of inner city youth and underserved communities about where food comes from to encourage everyone to grow their own foods and pursue careers in agriculture.

On Monday, Courtney and Nicole Mallery were arrested on felony warrants and were each booked by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The Mallerys were each expected to face two felony charges of stalking, according to online court records.For the past two years, the Mallerys have complained people have targeted their farm through acts of vandalism and animal mutilation of their livestock.

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In a statement sent to 9NEWS in December, the Mallerys outlined allegations against an El Paso County deputy, claiming he was instigating attacks.

“Unfortunately, there are still corrupt police and racist people out there who are trying to block minority farmers from using their agricultural land because of their race. In Colorado Springs, the Mallery’s are the most recent victims of this blatant racism and vitriol,” the statement from the Mallerys said.

The Mallery’s told Ark republic, “Once or twice a week, strange white people drive slowly by their ranch, stop and take pictures or video, and sometimes brandish guns at them. The couple is frequently followed; especially while they are in town. As a result, they rarely travel and are mindful at what time. Clearly, they are unwanted. Even the post office workers ask us why we’re here,” says Courtney. A regular phrase told to Courtney is that “he has a lot of the balls” to purchase land in the mostly white community.

“What puts me on edge is that everyone knows us and how we look, but we don’t know them,” Courtney tells Ark Republic.

This is just some of the reports of terror the Houston transplant says his family has experienced since the purchase of a 1,000 acre ranch in El Paso County Colorado in August 2020. Courtney Mallery alleges he and his wife have been the target of local whites who want them off of their land.

“It’s like I’m being tormented for doing God’s work,” says Mallery who is exhausted because his family has not slept for months from keeping night watches.

The sheriff’s county released a statement, “The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office vehemently denies these allegations.”

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