Brooklyn-born rapper Leshaun who once toured with LL Cool J and performed on the triple platinum single “Doin’ it,” has found a peace of mind away from the music industry. After purchasing a 2700-square ft house to help her daughter she decided the space was too big once her daughter moved out. Now she’s found a simpler way of living but she kept it glamourous downsizing to her new way of living.

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The femcee is now a Tiny House builder & lives in one that she designed to fit her personal taste. 
She just expanded her tiny living with her newest RV renovation, which is (a little) bigger and more glamorous than her last one. She lives in this tiny home full time and calls the space “Dream.” Leshaun wowed fans with her last tiny home creation about her toy hauler conversion which received 1.4 million views. While she received tons of love following her video of course social media came with their negative comments as well. 

Watch her tour her new Tiny Home and hear her response to critics.


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