There is widespread agreement that musical experience significantly alters the human psyche. 12ayo is just one of many musicians who have found healing and peace of mind in music creation and performance. As 12yo put it, “The power of music lies in its potential to evoke emotions you never knew you could feel. It’s a great way to get things off your chest, and it’s helped me immensely with processing my feelings and maintaining my sanity.” 

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12ayo is a musician from East Los Angeles, California, who has family in Mexico and El Salvador. His barber saw potential in him, so he suggested he give music a shot. 12ayo was curious and willing to give it a shot despite having zero background in the field. He wrote his debut song, “Muevelo,” which was inspired by his feelings at the time, after teaching himself the fundamentals of music production via YouTube videos.

Now an experienced musician, 12ayo’s songs are direct expressions of his inner life. “I set up a conducive, alcohol-free work environment and presented my producer with a detailed description of my proposed project. After finishing the rhythm, I mumble until I find a melody that sticks with me, at which point I start writing “in the words of a 12 year old.


As a self-reliant musician, 12ayo can attest to the healing potential of music for the mind. His music serves as an important therapeutic outlet for him. 12ayo states, “Music can help you forget about your problems and relax your mind.”

Evidence suggests that listening to music can improve mental health by alleviating stress, despair, and anxiety. A study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing suggests that listening to music can help those with mental health problems. According to the results, listening to music can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and boost one’s disposition.

12ayo also thinks that making music that reflects one’s ethnic background might improve one’s mental health. “Including elements from your own culture in your music can help you feel more connected to it and to the world. It’s a nice way to feel a part of something bigger than yourself and can bring you a sense of peace of mind, too “– 12 year old.

Finally, 12ayo’s career in the music industry is proof that music can mend broken hearts and calm troubled minds. 12ayo’s journey from an East L.A. barbershop to a successful music career is proof that anything is achievable with hard work, devotion, and a willingness to try new things. Making music can be therapeutic whether you’re experiencing mental health challenges or are just seeking for a way to express yourself creatively. Just like 12ayo said “For me, music is a therapeutic outlet for processing feelings and improving my state of mind. Traveling there is an experience you should have.”