New York City mayor Eric Adams has jokes. Before Kyrie Irving was moved to the Dallas Mavericks, Spectrum News NY1’s Pat Kiernan asked the mayor what he would do about the Brooklyn Nets’ situation. Mayor Adams’s plan was to sabotage another team with his presence.

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“I will find the team that beats us the most and send him to that team, because then we’ll start beating that team,” Adams said. “It’s about synergy in energy. No matter how much talent you have, your ability to interact with your colleagues is more important.”

He added, “One player can bring down the synergy of the team. And so I would send him to the team that beats us the most so we can start winning better.”


Days after requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving officially became a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

After unsuccessfully negotiating a contract extension, Irving informed the franchise he would like to be moved by the Feb. 9 deadline or risk him leaving for nothing in free agency.

According to The Athletic, Irving was offered a contract extension with stipulations, but that was declined. “Principle differences” emerged after Irving declined the deal.

In return for Irving, the Nets will receive Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a first-round and multiple second-round picks.