NFL fans are going to be ACTIVE on Fan Duel and DraftKings this weekend. A new report highlights 50.4 million adults in the United States will bet on the Super Bowl. According to ESPN, the amount wagered will be approximately $16 billion.

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The number of betters is up 61%, notably due to the launch of sportsbooks in states like Kansas, Ohio, and Maryland. The amount set to be wagered is double last year’s estimates.

The wagering totals include wagers placed with licensed sportsbooks, criminal bookmakers, and casually amongst friends.


Showing how much the views on sports betting have changed, the game will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, a venue with a sportsbook in the building. BetMGM is in the stadium and will be available to ticket holders only.

BetMGM highlights the most bet props below.