Actress Meagan Good has been in a press run for her new show Harlem and she recently shared that she’s ready to settle down and have children.

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The 41-year-old beauty said she put off having children in her 20s and 30s to focus on her acting career. Meagan revealed she’s ready to have kids whether she’s married or not. She admitted she previously considered having a baby when she was married to preacher DeVon Franklin. They previously discussed their journey with freezing her eggs and shared how her outlook on motherhood had changed. “When you say you’re not sure you want to be a mom, people look at you like you’re a bad person,” said the director and actress to Romper. “As if something’s wrong with you. But I was never really that girl who said, “I can’t wait to get married,” “I can’t wait to be a mother.” I just was very much a tomboy, and I started my career so young that I’d always been very business-oriented.”


Unfortunately their divorce was finalized in June 2022 after 10 years of marriage.


“I’m in a place where I know that I want to be a mother — married or not. Whatever happens in this next season in the act of life,” she said.

Meagan said she previously put off having kids because she wasn’t ready. She dismissed remarks by her friends, asking why she didn’t have DeVon’s child.

While many gave their opinion on social media, women like Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell prove that women can continue having children into their 50’s.Good luck Meagan, prayers to you!
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