Last week, music mogul and the unofficial mayor of Houston, J. Prince, spoke on Takeoff and his relationship with Offset at the time of Takeoff’s untimely death on Gillie and Wallo’s A Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. Offset contended that Prince’s opinions were offensive to Takeoff’s family, but the Rap-A-Lot mogul claims that Quavo and Takeoff’s family didn’t “really f*** with” Offset.

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Prince took to IG today(February 8) to “warn” the Migos member, saying, “This clown Offset suffering from being a fake motherf**** disease. He wanna play victim now, but he was a volunteer when he spoke threats about me and my family name in his mouth about what he gonna do. ‘Why you didn’t call me to talk’ is the twist he wanna use. Tell lies in your woman ear, n****. I don’t have time to listen to weak s***. Now you wanna fake in front of a camera, trying to hide behind Takeoff’s mother when I’ve shown nothing but respect for her and [her] family. See, boy, you acting like you’re a part of a family that don’t really f*** with you because you’re a snake.”

Now you don’t know me from a can of paint. Let me see if I can refresh your memory,” Prince continued. “Remember we talked when you got your a** whooped in Atlanta? You forgot? Remember when you called upon me and I came to LA and met with you because you was nervous about your wife performing because she had them issues about using the word ‘flu’? You forgot? Remember when you and Sauce Walka was beefing and you wanted me to stamp that bulls***? You forgot that too? I can go on, but I think you remember now.”


Prince then added what he alleges is the “real reason” why Offset didn’t join Quavo’s tribute to Takeoff at the Grammy Awards, adding, “See this is the reason I say blood make you kin and loyalty make you family because of motherf****** like you that have stuck a knife in the back of the ones you call your brother. Explain since you’re a real a** n****. Explain to the people the real reason why you weren’t on that stage at the Grammys with Quavo, who you call your brother, for the tribute. You ain’t man enough to do that because you what we call a tender d*** n****. Takeoff, Quavo, and the family wasn’t f***** with you for a while before his passing and still don’t f*** with you because you a rattlesnake n****. Quavo been letting you make it because he gotta good heart. It’s consequences when you f*** with me. I don’t have no heart for no snake, and I give you what you ask for. And by the way, I don’t think I’m no John Gotti. That ain’t who I looked up to. It’s no secret who my OG is — the flag you perpetrate with. Homie, you better go do what you do best. Write some rhymes and quit playing gangsta. I don’t want no trouble, peace.”