Icy Lando, or as he is known in his personal life Victor Buyuka, is a Kenyan Rapper and Producer ready to shake up the rap and music scene. Having grown up in Nairobi, Kenya he first realized his love for music through his sisters. He first pursued music by joining his school’s choir, band, and eventually the Kenyan Boys Choir. While these musical experiences are not representative of the music he currently makes they did help him nurture his musical talent and abilities.

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His latest song “Truth or Dare” is the ultimate club hit with a vibe that keeps you wanting more as you fall into the groove of the sound. For this track, Icy Lando brings along for the second time multi-platinum artist Sean Kingston and Australian R&B star Adrian Swish to help drive up the star element of the song.

Icy Lando and Sean Kingston had previously worked together on the 2020 single “Options.” Where options had a relatively lighter beat that was perfect for summer parties, “Truth or Dare” brings a new darker beat quality, while keeping some of the elements that made Options so successful, including the great riffs, lyrics, and catchy chorus. Icy Lando and Sean Kingston originally connected after Sean’s manager Kelo, who had been working with Icy Lando introduced the two to each other. Options had more than half a million streams on all streaming platforms and were ever featured and supported by Spotify Playlist Support on Shisha Lounge, No Wahala & Fresh Finds: Hip Hop as well as received support from Notion Magazine, Link UP TV and Fame Magazine. Where “Options” helped establish his name as an up-and-coming talent, his new song “Truth or Dare” is setting him on an entirely new trajectory.


“Truth or Dare” is guaranteed to be an even bigger hit, with it having already received more than 200,000 streams on Spotify alone since its original release. The hit song was produced by UK-based Dutch producer N-Geezy, allowing Icy Lando to collaborate with one of his music idols.

While speaking about the collaboration with his two fellow artists Icy Lando spoke about how proud he was to collaborate with Sean Kingston, who is known for his hit singles Beautiful Girls and Beat It, and how Adrian Swish brought some unique melodies that stand out within the song. He also teased that his collaboration with Adrian Swish would continue in a collaborative album.

“Truth or Dare” is all about taking chances in the opportunities given to you. The song is essentially a play on the game “truth or dare” being played between two clubgoers. The lyrics which take place in a club further help establish this as the perfect song for a club night as it helps you lose inhibitions to both the incredible rhythm and beat that make you move. The song is a perfect exhibit of Icy Lando’s talent and ability to transport with his music and to encourage people to take chances. The darker, lower moments in the songs are essential to breaking up the rhythm and helping provide further musical interest to this unparalleled club hit.