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Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon has a new business in Newark, New Jersey. 

Located at 799-805 Broad Street, Raekwon has opened a cannabis lounge.  The lounge is called Hashstoria, a mashup of hashish and Astoria.  The dispensary where the cannabis comes from is in Astoria, a city in Oregon.  Hashtoria already has three locations, making the four floors of the Newark location its fourth.


The New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission ruled that cannabis users are allowed to use cannabis where they purchased it, a big reason why the Hashstoria wanted the location.  New Jersey is now one of eight states to approve this new law.

Even though the 53-year-old rapper hails from Staten Island, New York, Raekwon is familiar with The Garden State.  Their biopic, Wu-Tang: An American Saga” was filmed in downtown Newark as well as other places in New Jersey.  As of now, there is no set date on when the lounge will open.

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