The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and Bud Light will have a major presence. The battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles has brought together running back legends of the respective franchises.

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Chiefs legend Jamaal Charles and Eagles legend Brian Westbrook have teamed with Bud Light to bring beer to the championship city in one boozy celebration. The winner of the Vince Lombardi trophy and their legend will “Bring Home the Bud Light” for a massive championship celebration.

Speaking with The Source, Jamaal Charles reveals why the Chiefs will win and what an Arrowhead celebration will look like.


The Source: Jamaal, are you heading to the Super Bowl?

Jamaal Charles: Yeah, I’m heading down there to support my team.

So we’re leaning into this Kansas City win, what’s the best way to enjoy a celebratory Bud Light?

Getting the parades going. We will be celebrating with the Bud Light, raising the Lombardi trophy, and just having an awesome parade this year.

What type of energy would you expect from that parade, especially bringing all that Bud Light to the fans?

Oh man, it would be so much fun. It would be a lot of energy. I’d be so pumped to be able to experience this with the fans and see their faces while I’m passing out Bud Light. It’ll just be a blast to get that Super Bowl to win.

In your experiences with Chiefs Kingdom, what has been your wildest experience?

Really, just being a part of this organization. I have met some awesome people who are supportive and look for to me coming around as a Chiefs legend. That feels good. I feel back home and feel like I’m part of the team again.

You’ve mentioned being back home. You spent a lot of time in Kansas City. What’s the best Kansas City meal to match with a Bud Light?

Definitely Jack Stacks. Some wings and ribs and just sit back and enjoy the Bud Light and watch the game.

You made other stops in the NFL, but what makes Chief’s Kingdom fans different than anyone else in the world?

They are die-hard fans. Some are the earliest bird people I ever met, like just waking up and going to tailgate at six o’clock in the morning. Arriving at the stadium, you just see the fans preparing, outside, ready to get in. I’ve been in all types of cold weather, and warm weather, and they are still out there. That’s why I love Chiefs Nation so much.

We are building a special run with this Chiefs team. Making it through several AFC title games now. What have you seen in this team that has you believing in the Sunday victory?

Just basically just buying in, man. From Mr. Clark Hunt and what he is able to do down to Andy Reid. You have so many wonderful people inside that building. That’s what makes it successful, down through the training room and equipment people. So I just think that just building the culture there to have a dynasty soon.

You got your retirement handoff from Patrick Mahomes. What do you see as a football player that makes him special, that maybe a normal eye like mine wouldn’t see?

It’s honestly his competitive spirit. He is competing no matter what. Shockingly, it’s still some people who don’t think he is a great quarterback. And that’s exactly why he plays so hard, he feels he still has the stuff to prove. He still wants to be one of the best quarterbacks. He wants to surpass the greats. And for him to have reached five AFC titles and three Super Bowls, that’s crazy. He’s something special.

If you had to pick an MVP and final score for the game, what do you have?

Hopefully, Travis Kelce gets the MVP. I’ll lean on him being MVP. I’ll say the score is 20 to 17, Chiefs.