Billboard recently put out their list of the greatest 50 rappers of all time. Of course, the list stirred up controversy. The top 10 spots were occupied by legends such as 1. Jay-Z, 2. Kendrick Lamar, 3. Nas, 4. Tupac, 5. Eminem, 6. Biggie Smalls, 7. Lil Wayne, 8. Drake, 9. Snoop Dogg, and 10. Nicki Minaj. While this might seem like a safe list, people asked why Kanye and Andre 3000 were omitted from the top 10 spots. Even Ja Rule got in on the criticism, and wondered why he was left off of the top 50 list altogether.

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Ja took his frustrations out on Twitter where he called out Billboard for the list.

“There ain’t 50 rappers dead, alive or waiting to be born better than me… #ICONN #Vibes,” Ja wrote. “@billboard congrats to everyone on the list well deserved but check my resume… #ICONN #Vibes.”


This isn’t the only artist to find some fault with Billboard’s rankings. Ice Cube recently bashed Billboard for the list despite he being #18.

“I don’t fuck with Billboard or the editor. Billboard ain’t hip-hop so their opinion don’t matter. So who gives a fuck, It’s an irrelevant list. It’s like assholes: everybody got one and they all stink.”