Willie D created The Geto Boys Podcast to include the group after gaining notoriety with his renowned “Willie D Live” podcast, which garnered hundreds of thousands of views since its launch in 2015. On the most recent episode of the Geto Boys podcast, Willie D confronted the group’s frontman, Scarface, for not including him in the performance of “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” during the Grammys’ commemoration of Hi[Hop’s 50th anniversary.

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Willie D stated, “Slighted? I feel beyond slighted. Like what I’m tryna figure out is … First of all, I ask you Wednesday when we left here, I said, ‘What you got for the weekend?’ You said, ‘I’m finna go fuck with this Grammys thing.’ I said, ‘Alright man, safe travels.’ Because, you know, that’s how we do it. Saturday come, I’m online and an article comes across about the Grammys. And I see ‘Geto Boys and Scarface’ in the lineup.” 

Scarface replied Willie D, “I can stand on my own two feet with no Geto Boys,” and Willie agreed. Willie then stated, “Remember I’m the one who said, ‘Hey man, you oughta call yourself Scarface.’ So I ain’t gon’ never hate on you. Never. When I see you win, I see Geto Boys win because we are a group.”