TV/movie mogul Tyler Perry is donating $750,000  to help low-income seniors in Atlanta not be forced out of their homes by rising property taxes.

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With more people moving near Tyler Perry Studios, land values are rising and property taxes are rising. It is said to be the main reason longtime residents living on a fixed income are forced out of their homes and their lives are disrupted.
Tyler, who came in at No. 3 on the Forbes list of the Top 10 highest-paid entertainers of 2022 — raking in $175M last year — recently reached out to Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens to help keep these residents in their homes.

Sources say Tyler’s money will also effectively freeze property taxes for 100 low-income seniors for 20 years. This money will pay the difference between current property taxes and property tax increases over the next 20 years.


In addition to Tyler’s $750,000 allotted for 2023, he is said to contribute about $500,000 each year for the next four years… totaling about $2.75 million. It will reportedly be handled by the Invest Atlanta Partnership, the nonprofit arm of the development agency.

Tyler is the only black male among Forbes’ top 10 highest-paid entertainers…and his priority is said to be giving back to the community that means so much to him. .

Always helping out senior citizens, thousands of grocery shoppers were surprised during senior hours in Atlanta and New Orleans when Perry picked up their tabs at Kroger stores in Atlanta and Winn-Dixie stores. He also  gave $21,000 in tips at an Atlanta restaurant.