On this date in 1958, rapper and actor Tracy Morrow aka Ice-T was born in Newark, New Jersey, but ironically morphed into one of the most influential Hip Hop artists from the West Coast in the history of the genre.

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After his exodus to the West Coast, Ice’s career began with his Rhyme Pays album, which dropped in 1987 and then his Power LP propelled him to platinum status. It wasn’t long after these two albums that Ice’s acting career took off, appearing and starring in films such as New Jack City, Trespass and CB4. In 1995, he began his three decade long tenure on television, appearing on New York Undercover, Law And Order, Chicago P.D.as well as him and his wife’s reality show, Ice And Coco.

The Grammy Award winner has an unparalleled amount of music. movie and television credits, but his foundation is all Hip Hop. Salute to Ice on a landmark born day and we wish him many more!