Lil Tjay put a $150,000 Richard Mille watch on Ice Spice‘s wrist for Valentine’s Day, but the rapper insists the two aren’t dating.

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According to TMZ, TJay and Ice Spice aren’t an item, but the former wanted to give the “Munch” rapper a gift to celebrate their “Gangsta Boo” single hitting the Billboard Hot 100.

The watch was copped from NYC-based jewelry Benny the Jeweler, stating the watch is an RM-05 Rose Gold edition, equipped with a white band and the Valentine’s Day pickup is coincidental.


Last month, Lil Tjay was been arrested in the Bronx for gun possession. The rapper was reportedly headed to a video shoot with Ice Spice and was arrested after a gun was found in his car, according to TMZ.

Reports state Lil Tjay and Ice Spice were going to record a video for the single “Gangsta Boo.” The Post notes, Tjay was in an SUV with four friends and they were pulled over for tinted windows and a missing front plate. Four guns were inside the SUV.

Tjay’s arrest comes after he recovered from a shooting in the second half of 2022.

In Aug. 2022, Lil Tjay made a comeback with the release of “Beat the Odds.” The song’s title has special meaning as the 21-year-old platinum rapper’s meteoric climb to stardom abruptly came to an end after he survived a near-death encounter.

After being shot seven times, including once in the lung and multiple times in the neck and chest, Lil Tjay underwent treatment for gunshot wounds. The new single was the product of being inspired while recovering in the hospital.

Tjay portrays tenacity in the riveting music video and uses moving real-life footage of him recuperating in the hospital while family members visited him as his condition improved to inspire viewers.

You can see the video below.

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