The historic 20th Red Bull BC One World Final will be held in Paris, France on October 21 at Roland Garros, according to Red Bull BC One. The Red Bull BC One 2023 Paris World Final will feature the top b-boys and b-girls from across the world competing against each other for the coveted World Champion title after 60 qualifying events in 30 different nations.

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The 2023 Red Bull BC One Paris World Final signals towards breaking’s highly anticipated sporting debut at the 2024 Paris Games. Breakers from all over the world are actively practicing in the hopes of representing their nation in the Olympics. We can put you in touch with Olympic hopefuls to talk about their preparation and what it means for breaking to be represented on such a significant, international stage.

Breaking has a long history and is a crucial component of hip-hop, which this year marks its 50th birthday. Breaking is evolving along with hip-hop, transcending its Bronx roots to appeal to audiences around the world and become a sport that is widely known. Across generations, thriving break communities have developed the culture that supports break while pushing the competitive street dance to new heights.


The Red Bull BC One World Final, which celebrated the beginnings of breakdance and hip-hop, was held in New York City the previous year. B-Boy Victor (USA) and B-Girl India (Netherlands) emerged victorious and were crowned champions. B-Boy Victor successfully defended his title, and B-Girl India defeated 2021 Red Bull BC One World Champion, Logistx, to become the youngest b-girl to ever hold the Red Bull BC One championship.

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