NBA Youngboy hardly does interviews, which is why we are all the way tuned into his newest interview with the Rap Radar podcast.

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Sitting down with Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller, the Baton Rouge native, opens about new music, his personal life, family, and much more.

A standout moment transpired as he teased his forthcoming album titled Don’t Try This At Home, saying he plans to “talk crazy” on there. This arrives fresh off the heels of his most recent project titled I Rest My Case, which was released on January 6th of this year. And if there’s one thing about Youngboy, it’s his undeniable work ethic. Last year alone, he dropped his eighth albums for his dedicated fanbase.


After he repeats the title, “don’t try this at home,” Youngboy states how most of the stuff you see is entertainment.

“It’s all entertainment, bruh. I’ma talk my shit and everything I’m talking, I’m letting you know don’t try this at home.”

B.Dot then asked YB if he felt there’s a thin line between entertainment and reality.

Youngboy answers, “Entertainment and reality is very different, but I do think some of these entertainers make their entertainment their reality also. If I said that right.”

The “Top” rapper goes on to call out most rappers in the music industry for not being honest.

“Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people you’ll see today, oh that’s 100 percent who they is,” YB states. “I don’t doubt it. A lot of rappers today, half of them probably 100 percent who they is. But I guarantee you bro, the majority of them, nah.”

He then mentions that he can tell if someone is “gangsta” by looking at their mom.

He continues, “It be like this bro: you’ll look at these rappers’ videos, you gon’ see a gun in this video, right? You go to the next one, he got a gun in his video, right? Man, you gotta dig a little deeper sometimes, bro. Alright, now look at his mama. His mama ain’t no gangsta, so how the fuck is he a gangsta? That shit don’t be adding up bro. It’s all entertainment.”

Looking back at his career overall, YB is far from satisfied. Even though he’s the third most streamed artist in the world, behind Drake and Taylor Swift, he continues to feel he has a point to prove. He also calls music his “therapy.”

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