For many people, working in the music field is little more than a career – but for the talented Think Schilling, this is far more than that: it’s a passion and a way of life. Indeed, Think Schilling dreams of inspiring others through his work, and this comes through clearly in the passion and energy he puts into each single. His latest single, Dance Flow, is no different – and through his partnership with the much-loved Sean Kingston, he’s really making an impact on the modern music scene overall.

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Sean Kingston is an American Jamaican rapper who has worked on numerous hit songs. He has even worked alongside the much-loved Justin Bieber on Eenie Meenie, firmly cementing his own career – and making his collaboration an invaluable boost to Think Schilling’s career.

Think Schilling, born Brian C. Schilling, is proud to support numerous different causes, and his work as a music artist helps him achieve this to some extent. Indeed, Think Schilling is actually an awarded humanitarian and an incredibly passionate supporter of human rights and the importance of good mental health. He strives to encourage others to find their own self-confidence and strength as a result of his work, and it’s safe to say that he is making a huge impact as a result – both inside and outside of the music scene.


After the success of Dance Flow already, Think Schilling is continually looking for new ways to share his passion and positive energy with his audiences and claims that he “[feeds] off the energy that my fans give me. They inspire me to record more to keep dropping new song after song, and they fuel my fire to be great.” As such, we’re confident that there’ll be more great things to come in the future as well.