On this date at the beginning of Hip Hop’s “Golden Era,” Philly natives DJ Jazzy Jeff and his partner, The Fresh Prince, Dropped their landmark single “Parents Just Don’t Understand” on Jive Records.

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With the song’s signature tune from the 60s hit sitcom I Dream Of Jeannie, the Fresh Prince, better known today as Emmy Award-winning actor Will Smith describes his very relatable parental circumstances. From the clothes his mother chose for the first day of school to borrowing the family car and crashing it, the Prince humorously gets into what it’s like having to listen to your parents…and them not listen to you.

Commercially the song was a hit as well, winning a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance at the 1989 Grammy Awards, being ranked number 96 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop, and being featured in movies such as The Parent TrapMalibu’s Most Wanted and Jersey Girl


Salute to these two icons for making this song a piece of Hip Hop history!

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