Last year, the author formerly known as Karrine Steffans revealed she was in another relationship with a celebrity figure. Now going by the moniker Elisabeth Ovesen, the best-selling author known for sharing her sexual interactions with A-list celebs, accused celebrity chef Kwame Onwuachi of ghosting her after allegedly getting her pregnant.

Karrine Steffans Kwame Onwuachi
Karrine Steffans and Kwame Onwuachi

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After a series of back and forths with his attorneys, trips to New York to resolve their issues, Ovesen recently posted a photo of her protruding baby bump to her Instagram account with an eerie caption.


She wrote:


When one door closes … am I right?

I’ve stepped away from finishing my first novel to work on a series bible for an HBO-granted project. It’s been years since I’ve written a bible and I forgot how much fun it is! I’ll get back to the novel next month.
My creative agency @ovesen_co is focused on our biggest client since opening for business last summer. An HBCU client so big, our small company can’t take on another! That’ll change as we grow, but it’s also nice to cater to just one client. Right now, we’re working on fulfilling all their internal and front-facing copy needs. Oh! And I’ve pushed back hiring until the summer when the budget opens up.
I’ve been busy moving, as well. When I lived in New Jersey (2020-2021) there was so much snow! I was really looking forward to snow in New York City during the 2022-2023 winter season, but alas, all we got was rain and some flurries. The good news is that the weather made being bicoastal easier this year.
US book and magazine publishing only exists in New York. So, I’ve always gone back and forth between NY and LA with specific goals in mind. This year, I’ve set my sights on something new and exciting. My first novel, yes, but something more. And I’m getting closer.
As for me, I’m fucking great. Be back soon.

Watch the video below for the backstory.

Watch Chef Kwame Onwuachi on the Daily Show below.