At one point, JAY-Z and Nas were the most intense rap beef in the game. Now, the gentlemen are older, cooler, collaborate, and even call each other friends. One of the soldiers on the front line of the clash between the New York titans was Freeway, who now reveals it was personally tough for him to diss Nas.

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Nas tells DJ Vlad:

“That was painful for me. ‘Cause when I was a young boul, they used to call me the Philly Nas. I had this song and I had this hook, ‘They love to hear the story how the thugs live on worry/ Ducking down the car seats, heat is mandatory.’ Like, I love Nas.”

Free added, “When it come time to ride for the team, I’m riding for the team. You got a problem with Big Homie, you got a problem with all of us.


You can hear it below.