GOYA XO is a Puerto Rican artist who is bringing a new sound, feeling, and frequency into the music scene as he combines English and Spanish in his new single “Enemigos.” He says he is “enforcing the Spanglish rap to be the new accepted sauce in the music industry.” GOYA XO is forcing his way into the industry with this new single which he also simultaneously released a music video the same day as the song released on all digital streaming platforms. 

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After dropping his highly anticipated single, gaining traction rapidly, and organically embraced by people from all over the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Italy and many more countries, it seems like all eyes are looking towards the young Latin star. GOYA XO originally was an English Rap Artist under the name “Lil Goya” and has just recently rebranded himself into “GOYA XO” and transitioned into the Latin Music scene from originally rapping and singing in English only. 

GOYA XO has been quietly preparing for his transition which has alerted a lot of music execs, artists, and many others of importance within the music industry. After the release of his debut Latin Trap single “Enemigos,” which means “Enemies,” major labels have been interested in GOYA XO and his vision for change in the music industry’s sound and trajectory. He says “I’ve been working on this new wave for quite some time now but one thing that made me realize it’s time to bring it to the light, is after Bad Bunny opened up the 2023 Grammys with his performance, and also took home a Grammy while being a Latin artist in an American awards ceremony. It gave me 10X more of a reason to capitalize on the big win he brought home for Puerto Rico, and continue to push the agenda and merge the Latin music world with the American music world.”


With the guidance of his elite managers Stephanie Santiago-Rolón (@StephanieSantiagoRolon) and Francisco Rivera (@ElWavy1) from Elevated Music MGMT, It is only a matter of time before GOYA XO becomes the forefront of the Spanglish transition, which has the music industry asking questions and turning their attention to the potential change in the industry with Spanish and English working in unison through music. 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out his debut Latin Trap single “Enemigos” which is now available on all DSP’s alongside the official music video which is out now as well on his Youtube channel. 

Make sure to stay up to date with GOYA XO’s music, visuals, content, and many more from him that we can expect throughout 2023 and beyond. Follow him on all social media and streaming platforms @GOYAXO.