According to several confirmed reports, 28-year-old MMA fighter Dwayne Herrelle Jr. stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend at her parents’ Nashville home late last month. His former girlfriend, Irene Torres, was only 24 years old.

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After the murder, Herrelle allegedly put her bloody boy in the trunk of his car and put her remains in his apartment closet in Bellevue, Tennessee. Derry Baltimore, the Metro Nashville Police Department Detective who arrived at the murder scene, was present at Herrelle Jr.’s sentencing.

“They got into an argument and he begins stabbing her and after stabbing her he put her in the trunk of his car,” Baltimore told reporters. “I was told while I was standing there with the doctor that she was stabbed in excess of 17 times…“[When] we went to the closet area, and I could see the victim inside of a clear tote like she was wrapped in some type of comforter.”