Former Crip gang member turned community activist Charleston White called out J. Prince in a relentless rant after having his appearance canceled in Houston this past weekend.

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White’s rants began on Saturday(February 18) after rumors began to circulate that J. Prince was behind the canceling of his show. Still, White responded by posting a flyer of the youth mentoring event, Parents Against Predators, that White was scheduled to participate in.

“The internet is lying,” he captioned. “I did not have a show in Houston and Houston Police Department @houstonpolice did not contact me and cancel anything. @jprincerespect nor his fictitious Mob Ties gangsters stop me from coming to Houston, Texas locking in with @mrs.pap57 and her organization Parent’s Against Predators.”


Not long after the post went up, the former Crip posted a screenshot from event organizer Sonia Parker that she was told to cancel his participation in the event. After he was pulled from the event, White posted a barrage of threatening videos showing his arsenal of weapons, claiming that he was ready to “go to war” with J. Prince, his Mob Ties conglomerate, and even the Houston Police Dept.

“Houston Police Department: I see y’all scared of Rap-A-Lot,” White said. “I see why that boy got killed out there. I see why they able to do the things that they do out there in Houston: the police got pussy. I’m starting to think they on the payroll of James Prince and Rap-A-Lot Records. I think that’s what’s happening down there.”

“J. Prince can suck my dick,” he screams. “Mob Ties/Rap-A-Lot gangstas can suck my dick. You Houston n-ggas can suck my dick. I don’t give a fuck about none of you bitch ass n-ggas. It’s Texas n-gga on mine! I run this shit. Shut yo bitch ass up, J. Prince. I’m still talkin’ shit. I made J Prince go snitch on me. You talking on a muder investigation. James Prince, shut yo bitch ass up; and I’m talking to Senior, n-gga.”

See the video above.