Over the weekend, a video began to circulate of a young artist by the name of LoveBenJi saying that he is the “hidden” son of Hip Hop pioneer LL Cool J, but he only knows his dad as James Todd Smith.

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LoveBenJi goes into detail about him signing an allegedly bogus non-disclosure agreement that would prevent the public from knowing anything of his existence. Not to mention that LoveBenJi looks JUST like Ladies Love. He also added that his alleged father occasionally sends him a modest $200 a month, but has him blocked on all social media.

“It takes a lot of courage for me to able to talk about this now at the age that I am,” Love Benji said. “They made me sign the paperwork, you know, they didn’t want it to go public. This is probably around covid (2020-21). They wanted to silence me [but] ever since my mother really told me the truth. I feel like it should be public; now I need to just get this off my chest. I want to give thanks to you too, man. James Todd Smith, That’s what I know him as, [my] father [and] great man. But many of you probably know him as LL Cool J. He blocked me from all social media. I tried to take trips to see him…and his beautiful wife, [my] siblings, brothers, and sisters. I never knew why I wanted to make music, why I wanted to be an actor, why I wanted to do these things. Turns out, my father is LL Cool J…I’m blessed. I’m thankful he’ll send me every now and then, probably $200 a month, but it ain’t about the money. He blessed me with the charm, the ladies, [and] the charisma. I really didn’t want to take it here and have the blogs blow it up or nothing like that…Since he’s blocking my number, I haven’t heard much from him. I feel like this is how I’ll be about to reach out to him. That’s my truth. Let me know, Dad. Stay smooth…Blessed.”


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