The saga of the YSL RICO trial continues, and one of the most damning pieces of evidence has made its way to the internet as YSL affiliate Lil Woody is seen on video speaking to police detectives, even implicating YSL leader Young Thug in committing “murder for hire” killings.

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In a three-hour-plus interview, Lil Woody, aka Kenneth Copeland, is hyper-cooperative with Atlanta investigators as he name-drops Young Thug in a possible murder plot and even mentions the type of car used in the killing.

After the footage was made public, Woody made claims on social media that he did not cooperate with authorities.


“I sat in jail days nights months years didn’t know my outcome, didn’t call on god, didn’t cry or cooperate,” said Woody. He continued, “I started working on understanding myself and realizing who I am and what I’m worth. Jail gave me time to think grow and understand.” Woody added, “Only point I have to prove is showing my people that whatever we put our mind to we can do it. Stay away from bad energy focus and believe in yourself. 🐍💚”