From southeast Texas and representing the city of Houston is an up and coming artist/producer by the name of XBYRD. The creative has grown quite a following in music’s underground scene in recent years but is ready to showcase his latest work to the public for all to enjoy.

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XBYRD took an interest in music long before high school, but after graduating began to take his craft more seriously. Devoting more time to music, he joined a group of friends that were in a music group and found he was meant to be. From there XBYRD learned how to produce his music, make his own beats, and has acquired a very promising skillset.

It’s been a long time coming, but XBYRD is ready to let his unique talents be heard. He’s planning to take the next step in his career and has a number of singles to come out this year including “100 Opps” and a series of them called “Vendetta Vol. 1”.


XBYRD is an artist you best keep your eye on in 2023.

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