Lil Durk has what he believes is the key for anyone facing charges: “Just shut the f#ck up and you good. #thevoice2.0.”

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That’s the message Lil Durk posted on his Instagram Story on Monday after DJ Akademiks posted paperwork from Durk’s 2013 arrest. The Chicago rapper was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. Durk tossed a .40 caliber handgun into a car when approached by officers in Chicago.

Of course, the timing of the message comes alongside the YSL Rico case, and updates surrounding Gunna, which gets a bit wilder as time moves on.


In Mid-January, two of Gunna’s friends and frequent collaborators, Lil Baby and Lil Durk, have moved to no longer be associated with the YSL rapper.

Known for long being a part of each other’s careers, including dropping a joint album, Lil Baby seems to be distancing himself from Gunna and has unfollowed him on Instagram. Social media detectives reveal the It’s Only Me rapper is one following short.

On the other hand, in Gunna’s “What Happened to Virgil,” collaborator Lil Durk is taking a direct shot at Gunna. In a preview clip of new music, Durk is heard rapping: “What happened to Virgil / he probably gonna tell..”

Meanwhile, other members of YSL are not supportive of Gunna. You can read that here.

There is also YSL Woody, who is seen in footage speaking to police detectives, even implicating YSL leader Young Thug in committing “murder for hire” killings.

In a three-hour-plus interview, Lil Woody, aka Kenneth Copeland, is hyper-cooperative with Atlanta investigators as he name-drops Young Thug in a possible murder plot and even mentions the type of car used in the killing.

After the footage was made public, Woody made claims on social media that he did not cooperate with authorities.