RNBHOUSEPARTY hosted an incredible evening at the NBA All-Star weekend in the Hennessy Arena. VIPs and tastemakers crowded the space at the musical event experience as they rejoiced and danced to DJ NP3’s tunes. Throughout the evening, Hennessy supplied specialty drinks to the bar.

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“RNBHOUSEPARTY is a community of multicultural creatives, influencers, and multi-hyphenate professionals brought together by the love of nostalgic RNB music. We curate inclusive spaces for our demographic to be their authentic selves and celebrate life and our culture, together” said Charles ‘Beloved’ Kuykendoll, Founder & CEO.

The love of reminiscence-inspiring RNB music has united the diverse creatives, influencers, and hyphenate professionals who make up the RNBHouseParty community. They create welcoming environments where people can express who they really are and share in communal celebrations of life, building strong bonds with both attendees and companies. Visit rnbhouseparty.com to find out when RNBHOUSEPARTY will be in your city.