Afrobeats has risen in popularity in the last decade, with artists like Tems and Burna Boy now taking over the US market. The two even performed at the NBA All-Star Weekend in Utah. Lil Duval commented on the growing popularity of Afrobeats, saying that he believes it will be the “death of hip hop as we know it.”

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The comedian and “Smile Bitch” artist took to Twitter, where he voiced his opinions on the genre and what it means for the future of hip hop.

“afrobeats might be the death of hip hop as we know it,” Duval tweeted. He recieved a lot of flack for the tweet, and used his next tweet to clarify his statement.


“I wasn’t saying hip hop is over i said ‘hip hop as we know it’ meaning like evolved into something bigger,” he said. “Meaning giving afrobeats props. I don’t [know] how some took offense.”

He concluded by tweeting, “Tem fine af.”

People in the comments debated with Duval, even calling afrobeats a “fad” to which Duval replied that afrobeats is not a fad.