Phor Pope is not your average fashion icon, designer, and entrepreneur. He is a self-made creator and designer who has spent the last five years building his brand and overcoming life’s adversities. Phor’s passion for fashion design was sparked during his upbringing with his grandmother. He has since taken that drive and fostered a successful career, creating opportunities to travel the world and share his brand, culture, and passion.

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Phor Pope is the Co-Founder/CEO/Creative Director of D’bPhor, a fashion brand that creates an experience that is “Made Phor You.” The brand focuses on creating unique designs that are as eclectic and distinctive as the individual wearing them. Phor’s designs are guaranteed to make you the center of attention and boost your confidence to new heights. 

Phor Pope’s notable career highlights include opening up a fashion center for his brand D’bPhor, being featured in Fashion Week located in London, Paris, Milan, and New York, being nominated for Boston Designer of the Year 2022, bridging the gap between fashion and his community, being a judge for Project Runway at Northeastern University, becoming a father, having his designs featured on Time Square Billboard Ads, being published in LA Connect, and being the first designer to be featured at JAMN 94.5FM Radio Station.


Despite his successes, Phor has faced significant challenges in his life. The biggest occurred in 2021 when he and his fiancé lost their first son two weeks before his due date. During that dark time, Phor found solace in fashion design, and it became his escape and ultimately helped him heal and prosper during one of the hardest times in his life.

Phor’s dreams and aspirations for the next few years involve expanding D’bPhor and creating additional fashion centers for the brand and its loyal customers. He plans to use the continued support and further establish the strong foundation he’s built. Additionally, Phor is passionate about community building and would love to collaborate with other creatives looking to improve the culture in their area with fashion and design.