A new pic from behind bars of “Menace Of Memphis” Pooh Shiesty, who is serving time for weapons possession in the furtherance of various crimes. He’s currently serving a five-year and three-month sentence in federal prison. His latest IG post shows he’s in good spirits, captioning,

King Shiesty tappin in from the middle of the pennititary aka Hell where they say i cant go , jailing no telling !! i still remain Untouched , Millions still in double digits ! tell google fix my networth we can verify that shit right now yeah im locked up not fucked up , i was 21 up 8 figures jayZ cant even relate my money tripple my followers. stop playing with my name before i buy one of you for sale ass niggas you niggas ANYTHING! I put on for this Choppa Gang shit everyday , twice on Sundays im on the same shit from Tokio to Tennesse , ain go fed to start getting scared aint no nigga never played with me free or in jail. Im still the Menace of Memphis , Still the King no matter what jungle , Slick almost the same nigga just a lil mo powerful Yk Talm bout baby larry hoover lol , how you let a nigga in the feds outdue you ? You nigga cant beat me at crawling backwards. you gone have to get yo hand , knife , andd gun game up before you can do some with me stop playing so much ! for my fans , supporters , love ones holding me down everyday , keep keeping it solid i promise it dont get unnoticed i see everything and got some special for all word is law. The rest of you pussies dead ! keep hating , false advertising , back biting , and counting me out, it up and stuck like a tree house. im touching down to terrorize i gotta dorito on my shoulder im going 100% flamboyant on you fucking clowns ! its all bad for you wild ass niggas ” ALL EYES ON SHIEST

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