Yesterday, a video of Maino choking a YouTuber after being asked if he could wear his chain went viral. In the video, YouTuber Buba100x asks Maino if he can wear his chain, before turning hostile and asking Maino if he could beat him up. And already frustrated, Maino proceeds to choke Buba before the clip stops.

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In a new interview on Way Up With Angela Yee, Maino revealed that the video was staged.

“It was all part of the prank. It was fake,” Maino explained. “I wanted to make it look real.” Yee then complimented Maino for being a “good actor,” to which he replied, “Yes. I’m great at it.”


However, not everybody believed that the video was staged. One person commented that he probably paid the YouTuber not to sue, while another person brought up a situation years ago where Maino choked a reporter.

Another video shows Maino still with his hands on Buba100x while the YouTuber is pinned to a table. Maino is telling Buba to stop playing with him. Either Maino was right and he is that great of an actor or it wasn’t staged at all.

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