Trevor Ariza has surrendered four guns to the Los Angeles Police Department as part of a restraining order laid against him by his estranged wife. In response, Ariza states his wife was abusive to him and has filed for a temporary restraining order.

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Last week, Radar Online notes Ariza turned over 2 Glocks and 2 AR-15s, which will be held on until the matter of the restraining order is resolved. In an update, The Blast notes Ariza is asking for the order after his wife yanked hair out of his head.

Ariza states his estranged wife, Bree Anderson, went into a fit of rage once his new girlfriend called him. “Bree grabbed me by my hair and violently ripped a dreadlock right out of my scalp. Bree almost entirely ripped a second dreadlock out of my scalp as well. This second dreadlock was left dangling from my scalp by a few hairs,” Ariza wrote in the request.


Ariza also stated during that altercation, Anderson grabbed the steering wheel while he was driving and pulled the car in an attempt to drive off the road.

“Bree’s unexpected and dangerous action nearly caused me to lose complete control of my vehicle. My car abruptly veered over two lanes of traffic to the right.”

Ariza also states he fears for his children’s lives and has previously been physically harmful to them.

Last week, court docs stated the ball player has been abusive to Bree during their marriage and is looking to secure safety while filing for divorce. She states Ariza “engaged in acts of extreme physical abuse towards” her.

“He was verbally and emotionally abusive to me. Some of the abuse occurred in the presence of our children,” Bree wrote. “I have been financially dependent on Trevor throughout our marriage.”

During their divorce proceedings, Bree stated Ariza would show up unannounced and let himself in. Bree also stated in August 2021, Ariza choked her until he almost passed out and punched her multiple times.

Bree requested a temporary restraining order, and the judge approved her request, preventing Ariza from approaching within 100 yards. The court scheduled a hearing for March 8 to decide whether to grant a permanent restraining order.

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