In recent years there has been numerous people who have come out and denounced Black History Month, for various reasons. Most famously, Kanye wanted to get rid of BHM and replace it with Black Future Month, now Draymond Green wants to get rid of the month-long celebration, but for a different reason.

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During a post-game interview against the Trail Blazers on Tuesday, which happened to be the last day of Black History Month, Green expressed his feelings toward BHM.

“Black History Month, at some point can we get rid of it?” Draymond asked “Like, at some point? Why we gotta keep getting the shortest month to celebrate our history? You got governors wanting to take our history out of schools, and I’m not gonna be the fool to go, ‘Yeah we can celebrate for 28 days.’ So at some point I would like to get rid of it.”


Draymond clarified his comments, saying that while he believes its time to get rid of Black History Month, we should not get rid of Black History. He then said that it should be celebrated all year round.

“We’re making all these changes in the world—can’t talk about these people can’t talk about those people, can’t say this can’t say that—at some point it’s time to get rid of Black History Month,” he said. “Not get rid of Black history, like they’re trying to do, but Black History Month? Nah. Teach my history from January 1st to December 31st and then do it over again, and then again. That’s what I’d like to see.”