MarieDriven is a publicist who takes pride in helping Caribbean artists get the recognition they deserve. Publicists play a crucial role in promoting and advocating for artists, and it’s important to have individuals like MarieDriven who are dedicated to elevating Caribbean talent. Driven has worked with artists such as Spice, Mr. Vegas, Jr Reid, Serani, Lexxus, Yellowman, Dermaco, Future Fambo, Patrice Roberts, Moyann, Marion Hall and Mr Killa.

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Through her work as a publicist, MarieDriven can help Caribbean artists build their brands, increase their visibility, and connect with fans and industry professionals. This can lead to more opportunities for these artists to showcase their talent and achieve success in their careers.
MarieDriven is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry and is committed to supporting underrepresented communities. By highlighting the talent of Caribbean artists, she is helping to create a more equitable and diverse music industry.