Words by: Brandon Simmons

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James Corden’s late-night show, The Late Late Show, is coming to an end this year.  His very popular segment, Car Karaoke, is a set fans live for.  The biggest entertainers have driven around with Corden singing along to tunes and having fun. Lizzo, Migos, Cardi B, and even the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, are just a few names to be on Car Karaoke.  Another superstar was supposed to have her chance on the segment but ended up missing the opportunity.

SZA, surprisingly, did not end up going on the show.  In fact, the SOS artist was invited, but at that time, was too afraid to be viewed by millions of people.


“Scared of being on camera, looking bad, sounding bad and being perceived,” SZA told the Alternative Press.

At this point in her career, SZA would love to be on Car Karaoke and mentions seizing opportunities.

“I really have to remind myself this is my moment in the sun, and I have to take every opportunity because this shit may never happen again.”

Hopefully, the TDE artist will have another opportunity to be on Car Karaoke within the next two months, as the show’s last episode will be on April 27. 

SZA sure does have a lot to sing about!  She remains at the top of the Billboard 200 charts for SOS.  Her sophomore album has been number one for ten weeks, and Billboard named her their Woman of The Year in 2022.

Right now, SZA is continuing her success as she is on her first major arena tour, selling out shows in the process.