According to Lil Scrappy, Rapper 50 Cent was left “fucked up” over his beef with The Game, and it’s possibly the reason why he and and the Queens MC never got a chance to work together.

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In a new interview with Live On Lake Street, Scrappy rapper opened up about his career, signing to Lil Jon, and his time spent with 50 Cent as an artist signed to G-Unit South.

Scrappy explained that he had planned to get 50 on his 2006 hit, “Money In The Bank,” which also features G-Unit’s Young Buck, but the collaboration never happened.


Scrappy believes that the tension between 50 Cent and The Game is why the two never got a chance to get in the studio together.

“I wanted 50 on there so bad, man,” he said. “I told 50, ‘You gotta do it, because a down south beat with an up north dude, if you get on there, it’s gonna be crazy.’”

The host followed up by asking Scrappy why he believed the collab never happened, to which he concluded it could have been due to 50’s beef with The Game during that time. “I think he was still hurting from that Game situation,” Scrappy said. “I can tell he was fucked up about that shit.”

Watch the video below.