Recently, on an episode of the, I AM ATHLETE podcast, D-Block frontman Jadakiss was asked about his well-known laugh that he blurts out before and after his unforgettable verses.

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Jada said that the laugh was initially how he used to clear his throat in the booth before spitting out his verse. “My engineer, I think he’s from Croatia. Ruff Ryders introduced us to him, and he worked with us for years.” He added, “I was recording some verses, and my voice is so raspy sometimes, I’m clogged up, I would do that as a tension breaker to clear my throat and my voice before I’m about to do the verse.”

The MVP of The L.O.X. vs. Dipset battle said that the laugh was only supposed to be a one-time thing, and he never intended to keep it, but the engineer insisted that it sounded dope and just stuck. “So I do it, I get out to come hear the verse and he kept it! I’m like, ‘What’s that?’ ‘Nah, you gotta leave that.’ I’m like, ‘iight.’ So then I just started doing it and people started loving it!”