Utica, a small city in upstate New York, may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of the hip-hop music scene. However, one artist has emerged from this unlikely location and captivated the rap world with his unique sound and undeniable talent. Trizzy, whose real name is Travon Howard, has been making waves in the industry, and his latest single, “Two Phones,” has solidified his position as a rising star. Let’s delve deeper into Trizzy’s remarkable journey and uncover the key elements that set him apart from other artists in the rap scene.

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Trizzy’s journey began with his production and beat-maker skills, which gained recognition on YouTube. He uploaded videos of his instrumentals and covers of popular songs, building a dedicated following and earning the alias “Trizzy Beats.” In 2012, Trizzy dropped his viral hit “Jockin’ My Swag,” featuring FriO Isa Blaque over his production. The track quickly gained traction, showcasing Trizzy’s ability to create infectious beats that resonated with listeners. The success of “Jockin’ My Swag” paved the way for Trizzy’s official entry into the rap scene. The track was later renamed “My Own Style” and released as a single in 2013, receiving positive reviews and introducing Trizzy to a broader audience.

In April 2015, Trizzy took a significant career leap by founding his own record label, Ruby Recordings. Inspired by the rare and precious stone and his mother, Ruby McBride, the label became a platform for supporting and promoting emerging artists. Trizzy’s entrepreneurial endeavor quickly gained recognition within the industry, allowing him to expand his influence and create opportunities for talented musicians.


As Trizzy’s popularity grew, people began to wonder about the man behind the music. In 2017, TheHypeMagazine.com aimed to unravel the enigma behind MC Trizzy, shedding light on his background, influences, and determination to make his mark in the rap industry. Trizzy’s independent success and artistic vision became evident in 2018 when he discussed his approach to music in an interview with StopTheBreaks.com. He emphasized the importance of authentic storytelling and connecting with his audience personally, showcasing his commitment to maintaining artistic control.

Trizzy’s impact extended beyond the music industry, as he thrived in his hometown of Utica. In 2019, UticaOD.com recognized him as a hip-hop impresario making a mark in a city not traditionally associated with rap music. Trizzy’s involvement in the community and philanthropic efforts showcased his commitment to using his platform for positive change.

Collaborations played a crucial role in Trizzy’s rise to prominence. In 2019, his collaboration with Tonee Marino on the “Bossed Up” track further solidified his reputation as a rising star. Respect-Mag.com conducted an interview highlighting Trizzy’s versatility and passion for his craft, showcasing his ability to adapt and work with various artists.

Despite his early passion for music, Trizzy initially struggled with stage fright and didn’t see himself as a performer. However, his dedication and love for music propelled him forward, allowing him to overcome his fears and embrace the role of a rapper. Reflecting on his growth, Trizzy shares, “Music has the power to transform us. It transformed me from someone who doubted his own abilities into a confident performer ready to share his art with the world.”

Trizzy’s astute understanding of the music industry became evident in 2022 as he strategically navigated the business maze. As the founder and CEO of Ruby Recordings, he orchestrated the label’s growth and guided his artists to success. Trizzy’s business acumen was recognized by AllHipHop.com, which praised the rising stars of Ruby Recordings and commended his leadership.

In 2023, Trizzy’s single “Two Phones” took center stage, setting the hip-hop world ablaze and propelling him further into the spotlight. The track’s success on the Hip-Hop/Rap iTunes chart showcased Trizzy’s growing influence and affirmed his status as a rising rap sensation. Trizzy reveals the inspiration behind the song, saying, “Two Phones is about the hustle and grind. It represents my dedication to my craft and my sacrifices to pursue my dreams.”

Trizzy’s journey from an emerging rapper in Utica to a recognized and respected artist has been remarkable. His hard work, independent spirit, and strategic moves in the industry have enabled him to captivate the rap scene and leave an indelible mark. Trizzy concludes with a message to his fans, “I’m just getting started. There’s so much more I want to accomplish, and I’m grateful for everyone who has supported me on this journey. Together, we’re going to create something extraordinary.”

Shoutout to Trizzy; we’ll watch what else he accomplishes in the future!

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