Melle Mel has been firing off his opinions on a run of rappers. The legend said Lil Wayne shouldn’t be in consideration for the best rapper, Eminem only gets love because he’s white, and Kendrick Lamar’s influence is overrated.

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Stepping into the online discourse is another legend, Chuck D, who compares Mel to Wilt Chamberlain and understands his perspective.

“Understand Melle Mel was so dominant over the rest of the pack in the first 5 years of records its hard to comprehend for born after MC folk,” he wrote. “Its why i call him Wilt Chamberlain and Wilt had a crate of critiques for the rappers after him including ME. Just Let Mel be Wilt lol.”


Interacting with Dante Ross, Chuck D responded to the Em criticism, calling both he and Black Thought a cyborg.

Em and Black Thought are cyborgs… they gotta get credit for speed and recall which is major. Too much emphasis is on flow because USAers don’t really understand flow in other languages so they don’t rank International mcs correctly

– Chuck D